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Session Rates

Diagnostic Visit $130

Standard Visit $115

Coaching Session $60

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For New Visits

All first-time appointments will be conducted as a Diagnostic Visit to help us determine your needs and allow us to strategize how we can best help you. Once the Diagnostic Visit is complete, all subsequent appointments will be Standard Visits at a lower hourly rate.

Our Services

• Family Therapy
• Individual Therapy
• Group Therapy
• Teen & Children Therapy
• Military Support
• Pre-Marital
• Parenting
• Blended Families
• Spirituality
• Divorce Care
• Trauma
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Grief & Loss
• Gender & Sexuality
• Personal Coaching

Local or Distance

When booking a new appointment with us, there are a few things to keep in mind. We offer two different types of services, based on your availability and needs.

  • Local Counseling
    If you live near one of our locations or wish to drive to us, we'll meet in person. We have two locations: our main office is in downtown Moultrie, GA; the other is just south of Macon, GA.
  • Distance Counseling
    If you live too far away, we can connect by video chat or phone using Skype, FaceTime, FB Messenger, or Glide.

Simply let us know which type of service fits your needs when you schedule your appointment.

Counseling or Coaching?

Personal Counseling is provided by a H.A.R.T. Certified, ecclesiastically endorsed pastoral counselor to help you discover, assess, and address different needs or problems that you face. This can range from simple behavioral needs or grief management to more advanced needs such as one's sexual identity or marriage counseling. Sessions are personal and thorough.

Personal Coaching is different from counseling. It is provided by a certified Life Coach who will help you design your present and future with clarity and purpose as you reach your goals. These may range from financial accountability or healthy lifestyle changes to career guidance and business coaching. Sessions are less rigid, and more focused on seeing measured personal growth in a specific area.

Insurance Reimbursement

We do not bill your insurance company directly. Most insurers offer a reimbursement form to file out-of-network visits, and we work with you to provide anything you need to send to your insurance company. You can find an easy guide for doing this here.

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